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Tarot Reading

Many Tarot readers, as well as clients, believe that you must be face to face to provide a tarot reading, that this somehow establishes a true connection and allows energy to flow better. I however do not believe this is the only or the best way to do tarot readings. 

Phone readings are actually much harder for tarot readers, and takes a deeper skill set to accomplish. Because we cannot see your facial expressions and body language, we must rely solely on our gift, our intuition, and our own connection to spirit to guide us.  

My personal opinion about what is most important to provide an accurate reading, is what state of mind the tarot reader is in.  If I am comfortable and within my space, I can better connect to spirit and I am better able to give divine information to the client.  I personally work better from my home. However, it is not safe to provide my address to the public or allow strangers in my home.  For this reason, I do not offer face to face readings at my house. 

The benefits of working from home really just come down to cost. I do not have high overhead prices as someone who leases a retail establishment. Those savings are directly passed onto the client. I do not have to charge $75-$100 a reading to pay my bills.   I do not have employees to pay, nor do I have the interruptions of the public walking in on private readings. 

It has been my experience that energy moves through technology as easily as if we were in the same room, the difference is that I have to feel it, I cannot use my eyes to witness your reactions to it. 

Some clients do like to see the cards and, in those instances, I am happy to set up a facetime call with you, and point the camera at the cards so that you may see them. I do not have see to you for this to work.

When booking your phone reading with me, you can expect that you will receive a confirmation text from me almost immediately confirming your booking and time.  I send this out personally, it is not auto-generated.  This gives you the phone number I will be calling you from at the time of your booking. Additionally if something comes up, and you need to reschedule your reading, you can contact me personally via text at that number.

All bookings must be made online, I keep my schedule of availability posted there so you can choose the time frame and type (phone or video) reading that you would like to have.  There is a space where you can briefly mention the topic you would like to discuss.  Payment is expected at the time of booking. 

Sometimes clients are hesitant to share any information about what they are seeking, this does make it more difficult for the reader to ask questions to spirit that are relevant to the client. The more specific you are willing to be the less generic the answers are.  If I am reading blind for you, you may have to decipher the answer yourself. If I am aware of what information you are really seeking, I can translate the answer to better fit the scenario.  For example, if you want to know about a specific event you are attending but do not tell me you are attending an event, instead saying what will happen to me on this date, I might say you will be invited to an event.  In my opinion this wastes time. You've asked me to divine on information that you already have. Our time in readings is precious, I cannot read for unlimited amounts of time, as it is a very draining experience.  You are better served by giving the details you do have, and letting me answer the details you do not have. 

Topics that we can talk about vary widely, but I cannot talk about health topics, nor can I give legal readings.  These subjects are frowned upon in the eyes of the law. However, outside of that, I am happy discuss everything else. 

Free will; everyone has it. You can simply choose not to do the things I am predicting and avoid those situations completely.  Tarot is a prediction of trajectory. If you are currently headed towards a particular situation spirit can see that, and show me in the cards.  I can tell you where you are headed so that you can continue on the path or make changes as necessary to avoid it.  A tarot reading does not mean you are destined to experience the situations I may outline.  Instead it is a guide, a map of trajectory used to better help you achieve the successes and avoid the pitfalls we may stumble into unaware. 

My divine energy source is a power far greater than myself. You may call that God or Universal Energy.  The one thing I am positive of, is that it is not evil or demonic in anyway, nor is it my power alone.   I am merely the conduit through which it is able to speak, connecting my images and my thoughts, as well as wisdom and my experiences. This comes together to create a story line, thus an answer to a question.  It has shown me time and time again it wishes to connect people to their higher purpose, their most successful self and it does so through unconditional love and understanding. 

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