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Contact information for Spell work


include the word " CONJURE TIME " in the subject then list 2-3 time frames during the current week that you are available to discuss the work requested. you may also include a short paragraph of the work you are hoping I will take.  This is not a guarantee of your accepting your spell work. 

I will respond with my chosen scheduled time frame that you have  provided so that we may discuss your needs.  We will complete a reading at that time.  Readings are ONLY to discuss this particular workings.  We will discuss during this call details of your request. This is still not a guaranteed acceptance.  I accept VERY LIMITED workings.  

The Witches Door 0ffers Conjure oils, Dirts, Dusts, Waters, Salts and other needful things. 

Spell Work (price determined after consultation)


The House Witch’s Rules for Spell Work


River Song Bird, The House Witch of The Witches Door, Creator and Operator of Emerald City Rock Shop, The Crystal Witch has carefully considered and developed a set list of rules regarding spell work [See also The Witches Door Terms and Conditions (Legal Disclaimer) on the Home page or Disclaimer page].


Understanding and following these rules is required and will greatly contribute to the potential success of your spell work:


  • Do not, under any circumstances, discuss the work being done while it is being done.  You may talk about it after it is completed and manifested/come to pass, but, before and during the work, it is best to prevent intervention from unknown outside sources if the work remains a secret.


  • It is advised to give the work at least 3 months before deciding to have additional work done or to discuss the work.  Some works can take 9-12 months (moons), it just depends on how complicated the situation may be.


  • Harassing the House Witch for frequent updates is ill advised. Trust that, if I have an update to report to you, I want to do that. I want you to know what’s going on. However, your need for immediate gratification will only serve to stress us both out.  I understand how difficult it is to wait for spell work to be manifested, but that is how it works. You must wait. We all must wait.

  • You must remain 100% positive about the work while you are waiting. If you are not, at a minimum, neutral about it, you WILL make it fail.  Remaining positive, hopeful, and happy is best. However, if it is easier for you to just forget about the work, then do that. YOU are the primary outside influence on this work - understand your power and position in this and respect it. Spell work takes time, effort, and a LOT of energy. I cannot assist in manifesting things that you are not willing to work toward. I will not waste my time and energy if you’re working against me in your actions (or inaction) or your mindset.


  • I am not a jinn granting immediate wishes. I cannot make miracles happen overnight.  Spell work is an art, it takes on a life of its own, and cannot truly be controlled. It can be encouraged to work in your favor, but Magick cannot be owned or dominated. I cannot predict when it will manifest, how it will manifest, or IF it will manifest.  Anyone who tells you they can guarantee spell work is LYING to you. They would obviously be millionaires themselves by now and not selling spell work on the internet. No matter how much they charge, no matter how extreme (like animal sacrifice), they cannot guarantee spell work. Those with false guarantees are often the ones willing to take large payments from clients who are saying they can barely feed their children. If you choose to believe them, then go work with them. I do not guarantee any results. I will not take advantage of clients financially or give them false hope and expectations.

  • Love work is extremely complicated. It is imperative that, during the work, you do not have any doubts.  This is not the time to pursue other physical or emotional affairs. If I am doing work for you on the love of your life and you are sleeping with a second person… there is a good chance that this work will not manifest.  It is best to stay in a position of absolute desire for the one you love during work. (Yes, true stories, it actually happens that people will ask for love work to get someone, then start to see someone else, but also complain the spell work isn’t working.) Additionally, you should very carefully consider the attempts to manipulate someone else’s will and realize that some connections may be so “forced” that they take a lot of work to maintain or, conversely, they could become overly needy or possessive of you and not behave like the person you wanted.


  • Please take the time to understand your spell work outline and ask your questions before we begin. I will provide an outline of what all your work will entail at the included price. What is included is what is listed, if it is not listed, it is not included.


  • I reserve the right to refuse any work, at any time for any reason. I reserve the right to not give you any reason for my choices. I reserve the right to stop work, at any point, for any reason. Harassment and disrespect are my number one reasons for this, followed closely by clients’ actions/inaction or mindsets working against the work. You will know. I will not lie to you and say your work is continuing. Stopping spell work is a very extreme measure I will not take lightly because of concerns with my reputation and my client relationships. I will make all reasonable effort to communicate and work out differences, but I absolutely can, and will, “ghost” you if you are acting crazy, demanding, threatening or disrespecting me or my space. My reputation is important to me; however, I will not work with someone who is threatening or disrespectful.


  • Any pictures or materials provided to you are the sole property of River Song Bird and her partners of The Witches Door. You may share these only if you give credit to The Witches Door.  This media is not to be altered.


  • Payment of spell work is indication that you have read and agree to The House Witch’s Rules AND The Witches Door Terms and Conditions (Legal Disclaimer) available on the Home page and Disclaimer page.

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